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  1. I agree... The only negative MMO game I've played is SWG.. But I HEARD that they might sett the whole FPS thing out and go back to the old times... Either way, me and Bass have one thing in comment, and that is We look forward to the game either way.. =o) Am I right Bass??
  2. I agree fullheatedly... IF there will be 2 types of KotOR games comming out, it will be cool.. However.. If there will be ONLY the MMO KotOR, I couldn't care less.. I love Starwars, have most of the games, and are looking forward to The force uleashed.. So my oppinion is: Give me KotOR, and I will be happy ^^
  3. Well.. No matter what, I`m looking forward to the outcome of the game.. It`s star wars no matter what.. I even have one of the sh*tty games: Force Commander on my shelf.. I don`t play it, I only have it
  4. I can mention 1 EA failure.. HELLGATE:London.. They had singel with multiplayer capability.. Only problem is; REAL BUGGY.. Just a statement.. Annywho.. Back to the matter at hand.. I will keep an open mind when it comes to KotoR3.. Who knows?? Maby it will beat SWG to the ground and under.. And I kind of like the possibility of creating your own storyline when it comes to the whole republic/sith wars.. It would also be kinda cool to be a part of the great hyperspace wars, or the mandalorian wars.. Who knows? Maby they wil chip in some of that?
  5. Why do I have a REALY bad feeling about this??? I just hope they`ve learned from SWG.. And HOPEFULLY, they will let us have a chance on SP as well as MMO, and not only MMO...
  6. HOLY BANTHA POODOO... What in the name of Marka Ragnos is this??? I just hope this is a TEMP statement..
  7. I also agree.. For some reason if you want to play an MMORPG, you might as well play SWG again.. But Solo with a possible multi, is ok..
  8. Hey. Don't worry^^ Happens to us all=o) Annyways, I agree. If Revan was to meet the True Sith, there would be some head bashing. Unless, they allready had an "agreement". I can't remember if we got the chance to find out the WHOLE Revan story from KotOR, since it's been a while since I played it, and some one stole my copy But what IF Revan had an agreement with a True Sith, that wanted Revan to find the Starforge, since the True Sith didn't want to reveal them selves yet??
  9. As long as they don't make a MMO, I'm sattisfied.. As for the Live Action series that comes out next year? YEAHOO!!^^ Eitherway, the only thing we CAN do, is sit on our hands and wait til LA has announced theire intention when it comes to future KotOR games and SW games generally..
  10. I stand corrected.. Havent gotten the chance to read the books, but he DID fall in love with Mara Jade.. And HER story, is yet unknown to me..
  11. *Asks for a cookie before he starts* The way I see it, Revan splitted from the council to fight in the wars for his beliefs, but during that war, he felt drawn towards Korriban to learn some of the sith ways. To use the sith powers AGAINST the mandalorians. THAT is what drew him to the DS.. My oppinion tho.. As for Luke Skywalker, he chose darkside for a litle while to get in closer with the clone of the emperror, just to kill him. Took some time, but now he's both LS AND DS.. He's Grey side. He even married Mara Jade who was the Emperrors LEFT hand.. Darth Vader was the emperrors RIGHT hand
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