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  1. Yeah, after a while I just went for PoTD upscaled. There's some fights that have been tougher - there was a giant black Ooze on some island, that I simply couldn't do at my level (I havent gone back to try now). The undead dragon was pretty hard to beat as well until I figured out I had to interrupt it to prevent it from casting its annoying defense spells. The island where I got my Druid the Spider Silk robe surprised me as well in terms of difficulty (also I think I might have gone there too early). All in all though, I would say the game is not that difficult but I have made it more of a challenge by going to high level areas before I'm supposed to. Nonetheless, I enjoy it a lot and I'll definitely be doing a second playthrough with an evil/cruel character. So far I've really liked Rogue's class abilities so I'll probably try to do something with that. There's a lot of cool weapons and abilities across all the classes out there so ending up on one idea will very likely take a lot of time. (On a completely unrelated note - why have they given Ranger such bland abilities). Back to difficulty - out of the recent games I've played in this genre, I would say this is easier that POE1 and Kingmaker were. Kingmaker's difficulty was not, however, handled in an enjoyable way. Deadfire has been thoroughly enjoyable so far (minus the frustration from Gorecci street :D).
  2. I think I'll refrain from modding for now, but I'll keep it in mind for a second playthrough - thanks! That the starting island is the peak of difficulty is quite disheartening tbh. Regarding the digsite though: I had charm beast, so that one was a walk in the park.
  3. Hey After having completed the first PoE, I started the second one. I figured since I'm somewhat familiar, I'd start with Veteran with full level scaling (which is what I played on the first game). So I started playing and I rerolled a bunch of characters until I found one that could take the starting island without much issues since I figured the start was indicative of the game's difficulty in general. As an aside - this character ended up being a DoT Druid. Anyways having continued after the starting island nearly everything has been a breeze (including red three skulls mobs I've encountered so far), which I didn't mind for a while because I felt vindicated for getting my ass handed to me on the Gorecci street and by the Young Drake on previous characters. After a while, however, this is is no longer particularly enjoyable :D My questions: if I increase to POTD and enter an area, then decrease again - will the mobs reset back to Veteran? Should I take POTD with no level scaling as the next step or should I keep level scaling on? Will the mobs/stats change properly if I keep switching around these settings to find a good spot? Will Story companions be able to hit stuff on POTD? I'm worried because the ones I employ have disappointing Perception/accuracy - but I presume that can be overcome via items and proper skill choices. I'm asking because one of the games I played a long time ago (perhaps POE1?) had this issue where upon reloading an area or something some mob(s) would keep increasing in stats until they were stupid strong. You never know with these games and I don't want to break my game because I really enjoy this character - both thematically and strength wise.
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