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    Mostly single-player games of the rpg persuasion. Witcher 3, Pillars 2, Grim Dawn, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Final Fantasy Tactics are at the top of my list of all-time faves. Cyberpunk will more than likely squeeze its way up there. Also really enjoy 4X games. And as with real life, I play EVE but I don't really enjoy it much, though I am proud of how I've built myself up in both over the years.
  1. Yeah, I was thinking that it's probably too late for devs to put out more updates since the game has been out for so long now. Oh well, maybe someone will make a mod someday like you mentioned. Doing something like that myself is totally out of my wheelhouse unfortunately. And yeah, maces totally look ridiculous on dwarves XD It looks like he's wielding a wand for casting spells!
  2. Really would like to see a toggle in the settings to help serve dwarves some proper weapon size justice, lest we forget that while dwarves may be shorter than humans, they're also stronger than them. And they tend to build and forge things bigger and better, so it wouldn't be weird for them to be wielding full-sized weapons
  3. And here's a couple of side-by-sides of two-handed weapons sheathed (Queen's Rule and a superb morning star)...
  4. I was bored at work today so I put together a few more side-by-side screenshots I took this weekend comparing different weapons equipped on Eder and on my male dwarf main character. Here's them equipped with exceptional swords... So it's not just unique weapons that get scaled down, regular weapons do too.
  5. Hmm... First off, thank you Boeroer for the legwork and providing some screenshots. Honestly I wasn't sure anyone would even care to comment on this let alone look into, so it's cool for me to see someone take an interest! But I can tell you for sure that that's not what one-handed swords look like on my dwarf... My OCD dictated that I go and find a measuring tape and actually measure the blade length of Modwyr in the equip menu while my dwarf was wielding it and also measure the blade length on screen while Eder was wielding it in the same menu. On my dwarf the blade length on scree
  6. Hi All, I recognize that this game has been out for over a year now and it may be too late to bring this up to any effect, but since part of the purpose of this particular forum is to discuss our "hopes and dreams" for it I thought it wouldn't it hurt to bring it up (or bring it up again if it's been discussed before). Let me start by saying that I personally think this game is bonkers good, just redic off the wall levels of care and detail and thought-out features relative to it's predecessor and relative to many other similar games. I recognize that there are some harsh criticisms
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