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  1. Thank you for the responses! From what I gathered from your posts either Sharpshooter/Devoted or Sharpshooter/Helwalker would be a good idea for me. The monk one especially with the Deadfire Community Patch as that seems to include making Turning Wheel work for ranged. I've played both monk and fighter before but which one of those you feel would work better in this instance?
  2. I was looking into some sort build that revolves around bows as I have used that weapon group really minimally. These two warbows caught my eye as they have an enchantment that would allow them recover immediately on 50% of the crits. So I'm asking how would you go around building around those?
  3. Thank you for your response! I think I'll test out both the Brawler and the Swashbuckler multiclasses while saving Barbarian for another playthrough. From what I've gathered Monk provides Fighter with interesting abilities and buffs (and crushing damage secondary weapon for Devoted) while Rogue seems to provide nice bonus damage in the form of Sneak Attack and tons of full attacks for dual wielding sabres (additionally Gouging Strike seems fantastic for big baddies as the duration seems to last the whole encounter). I even remember using the Apprentice Sneak Attack to surprisingly good effect in the first PoE so with the multiclass it must be even better. However, I feel it's better to ditch the Streetfighter as getting flanked may prove problematic with Eder in my party tanking and hogging engagements. Not choosing Streetfighter makes it easier to sneak around the enemy backline to take out problematic threats if needed. I'll look into the Trickster and no subclass Rogue.
  4. Hello! I played through the first game as a fighter dual wielding sabres focusing damage dealing talents and I wish to go with similar character in Deadfire. I guess good options would be pure Devoted Fighter, Devoted/Streetfighter, Devoted/Berserker or Devoted/any monk. I am not sure of the subclasses, but these seem good for dealing damage in melee. What are the differences between the options mentioned above? Which one is the most effective? Or would even 2h be a strong alternative to dual wielding? I hope to see as many opinions about this as possible. Any build suggestions and other tips would be absolutely welcome!
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