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  1. Thank you! Great thoughts. I ended up taking Armor of Faith. I have to say that the biggest change with level 9 is that now that Kana has Dragon Thrashed everything just melts and my priest barely does anything :)
  2. I’m new to the game and on my first playthrough with MC as a priest. I have standard companions with Eder, Pallegina, Aloth, Kana, Sagani. I just hit level 9 and get to pick my first spell mastery. What is the best choice for a level 1 priest spell to master? All the options seem pretty bleh. Blessing seems good except with a paladin in my group running Zealous focus, Blessing is mostly a waste because the ACC buff does not stack. I guess I lean toward Armor of a Faith but it seems not that great. I thought about Halt because a free CC every fight seems nice but I typically open every fight with buff spells anyway and don’t want to delay those by casting Halt. Prayer against fear is situational. Barbs of condemnation seems ok but not much better than just smacking something with a scepter. What do you like for level 1 mastery? What about the other levels? I’m loving the game so far by the way.
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