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  1. Thanks for the reply! I didn't realize that Transcendent Suffering differed from Novice's Suffering, so I guess I'll just go for a standard non-perception-dumped monk build, since the multiplicative elemental damage sounds really attractive. Not that I think of it, it would've been hilarious if monk somehow could end up with Novice's suffering - from the wiki it looks like its bonuses are higher than Transcendent's but that's probably to offset the lower fist base damage of non-monks.
  2. Hello, I was reading up topics on unarmed mechanics, namely, the interaction of Transcendent/Novice's Suffering and grazes. And I got an idea for a monk build that dumps Perception (like a certain blind monk...), but I just wanted to verify some of the interactions. If I have low perception on a monk and my fists mostly graze: 1) The lashes on my fists (Turning Wheel, Lightning Strikes, Blood Testament) will apply to the total of my fists' base damage and that of Transcendent/Novice's Suffering? Which makes them worthwhile? 2) The 50% crush lash on Torment's Reach will apply to the total of my fists' base damage? Although it has been mentioned several times that the accuracy bonuses on Transcendent/Novice's Suffering will not apply to TR, if I can consistently graze an enemy with it, will it be worthwhile? 3) The elemental damage on my fists will still damage a crush immune enemy even if the initial hit does 0 damage? Just wondering if this is a possible build concept, because I'm imagining idea of a blindfolded guy swinging his arms wildly, completely missing his enemies, but a split second later they get all cut up... and it sounds hilarious.
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