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  1. I'm making a simple mod to allow a cipher to target themselves with their own abilities (I like to play solo, and losing some of my best abilities because i don't have an ally to cast them on was annoying), but I've run into a bit of a snag, amplified thrust doesn't appear to do anything when the cipher hits themselves with it. Amplified thrust is split into three sections in the attacks.gamedatabundle Amplified_Thrust_AllyTarget, Amplified_Thrust_Hostile, and Amplified_Thrust_Ranged, I've only made changes to AllyTarget (changing the targeting parameters from allynotself to ally) so i figure the problem must be with one of the other two (Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Amplified_Thrust_Ranged has a NotSelf targeting parameter?) Any advice or instruction would be appreciated!
  2. Ok, everything appears to be working. I'm testing each power as i finish them, and so far each one has performed as i would expect. I do wonder if stuff like reaping blades will work, as it grants the knives to both the caster and the target (I assume it'll just overwrite the one set of blades with the other, but i could be wrong). There are also powers like defensive mindweb, which won't be at all beneficial in solo play even if i alter them, so i'll probably just ignore those. All in all, i'd call this a success!
  3. Hey, thanks! You're right, the guide seems tangentially related, but it does point me in the right direction, as have you. I'll give this a try.
  4. So i've started a game playing a solo Cipher, this presents a problem as a number of the cipher powers are useless without an ally to cast them on, would it be possible to modify some cipher powers so that they would be able to target the cipher themselves? I've never modded POE before, but after a brief look see of the forums, i assume i'll need this "UABE" program i've seen mentioned, but as to where the data for cipher abilities is stored, or where to look in that data for what a spell can target, i have no idea. Any help or info would be appreciated.
  5. So i started a solo cipher recently, my first time playing that class, and just hit level 7 opening up the next tier of powers. I picked silent scream (stun and raw damage, nice) and Pain Block (only cipher heal i've encountered so far, and a defense buff, also nice) but upon trying to actually USE pain block, i find out i can't cast it on myself. This is not mentioned in the description, it only states that pain block may be cast on an "allied target", but pain link, another power i chose earlier, can also only be cast on an allied target, but it includes the casting cipher. Why the inconsistency? Is pain link the exception here, or the rule? Is there a way to avoid choosing powers that are useless for a solo run when i'm given so little info?
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