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  1. I've just started getting into PoE and just started upgrading the stronghold when I got hit by bandits. I tried actively defending and one of my characters STARTS unconscious every time which seems a bit unfair especially given that the bandits outnumber me and are higher level which means that my party dies - end of game. If I autodefend, then 2 of the three upgrades that I have already done are destroyed. There really doesn't seem a lot of point in continuing at that point - not enough cash to rebuild, not able to defend the place regardless. Seems to me that you just cannot get ahead because I lost nearly all of the cash that I had already spent on it PLUS the cost of the generic repairs - so it costs me all my gold to gain nothing. The next raid will wipe out the last upgrade and again there is nothing I can do to stop it so there really seems to be no point. To me that pretty much sends me looking for something else to play. Not up to what I think of as Obsidian's usual quality unfortunately.
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