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  1. 1. The Mummy monster appears to be bugged. Every time I defeat it, it causes 1 damage not described anywhere. OK, I've seen that before. However, after I discard that 1 damage, suddenly I'm asked to discard 2 more damage. It's a bug or missing text. Either way, not a good thing. 2. The villain and henchmen are supposed to trigger a check, or you can play attack spells. The check never happens. Attack spells are simply locked down immediately upon encountering the card. 3. I've seen boons simply disappear from location decks. Once example: The Paladin's peek-ahead saw a nice spell card, which was buried at the bottom of the deck. Later the deck was shuffled. I wanted to obtain the spell, so didn't close the location. When I went through the deck, the spell card was no longer in the location deck. 4. I'm not sure if there can be a randomization issues in setting up the locations, but I've attempted the scenario several times now. I've never seen the villain or any henchmen higher than the bottom three cards of a location deck. With the way you have to burn blessing just to survive checks, in a four character game you can't get them out in time. Sure, you could burn Holy Candles to add to the Blessings Deck, but that's hardly the point of the game. I've had a couple of small bugs, for example I can't get Lem's card swapping ability to work at all, and I've had some actions cause the game to lose the ability to proceed (generally returning to the main menu and clicking Continue will bypass that issue), and the scenario with the haunts does some very strange things at times after you defeat the henchman summoned by the haunt roll. However, generally the game is very good, and I'd love to see treatments of the other three Pathfiinder boxes. Suggestion: Add a card (or two) to the 10 card bank for each character that achieves specialization. Some scenarios require very specialized card builds that are unsuitable for other scenarios. For people who play multiple four character groups, the 10 card kitty is a real squeeze. And it should be, but there should be some accomodation for the number of characters.
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