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  1. Bumping to see if anything comes up. My third install and it's now 76gb from the original 35, second install was 58gb. Constant crashes when transitioning. kinda getting fed up with it. I love me some FPS Story line, but if I have to keep reinstalling every 10-12 hours of gameplay on a 40+ hour game story and potential replay, the hour or two of redownloading is making the replay value decrease, or even finishing the game until it's fixed. (already tried all the set to 60fps, close background stuff, run as admin, blah blah) GTX1080ti on an i7 3.9ghz cpu, msi mb.
  2. Experienced the same. Uninstalled and re-installed after trying all the other fixes (run as administrator, set FPS to 60). Was running fine for about 10-14 hours after re-install, started doing it again when going from Stellar Bay's south exit. Uninstalled yet again, and trying a third install and hope for another 10-14 hours of gameplay. Running an i7 3.9 with GTX1080ti.
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