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  1. Ah, thanks for the update on the FF issue. Sadly, I'm not using the essence interrupter but now that you mention it, it is reacting as if I am.
  2. I've just upgraded to the turned based patch for POE2, on mac, and I'm having some really weird issues. One of them, which I think seems to be a common one is that all my characters are predominantly in fast forward on every screen except when at the palace. But, the most alarming one is whenever I kill an enemy, not matter what it is, sigil of darkness or imp, the moment the enemy dies, it respawns as something else. Perfect example, I destroyed the sigil in the old city and it became a shade, I destroyed the shade and it became and ogre pirate. Once I had killed the pirate there was nothing there to suggest it was anything other than the sigil. That was mildly irritating except now I'm in the harder part of the game and killing a risen champion only to have it become a Greater Earth Blight, is a nightmare. Is anyone else having these issues?
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