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  1. I think the round system is there to keep tab on the 6 second mark of the real time game. If it was to be extracted out, the heal or damage per turn will greatly favor the character who gets to act as twice as others. Imagine controlling a high dex chanter, this would make that character broken since the ticks of his damage and heals from chants happens when their turn starts. Hitting chants twice or even three times before enemy turn is game breaking. All I'm saying is the suggestion to remove the round based system is gonna make the game more imbalanced. What I can think of is a way to integrate these together with the linear player turns and with the rounds to act as an upkeep. Let me make a rough example: Characters in battle Eder Xoti vs Enemy1 Enemy2 In this example lets say Eder is an exceptionally fast character among the 4. (ROUND 1) Eder--------- Enemy1 Enemy2 Xoti (ROUND 2) Eder--------- Enemy1 Enemy2 Xoti Eder-------- (ROUND 3) Enemy1 Enemy2 Eder--------- Xoti In the span of 3 rounds he acts 4 times (basically means he can act 4 times in 18 seconds real time) and could possible do a back-to-back turn in the later rounds due to math. Per round means per 6 seconds. Meaning the faster character can act more than once in 6 seconds. Making rounds and turns distinct from each other. The combat is still linear and not divided into rounds but the rounds take account of the upkeep phases of the game. So as the tick of the damage/heal per turn happens per ROUND (the 6 second time frame) instead of happening in the player turn. Status effects should not be the same implementation though and be kept per character turn because lets say if on my sample (ROUND 2) Enemy1 is knockdowned for some reason (not using Eder nor Xoti to control the variables), but then gets up to act next turn because of the upkeep phase on round 3, the knockdown would be useless. Instead (ROUND 3) would look like this after interrupting Enemy1's turn: (ROUND 2) Eder--------- Enemy1 Enemy2 Xoti Eder-------- (ROUND 3) Enemy2 Eder--------- Xoti Enemy1 (Knocked to a later turn) This is a rather complex game mechanic change for the developers but it is the way I can see what will happen when rounds are removed from turn based system. Which will then lead to further patches and changes to balance. As of its state right now, the game is imbalanced since I made a character revolving around Form of the Fearsome Brute with the frenzy buff from Berserker class. Even if he is as slow character who always acts at the near end of the round, he can attack with his fist twice in a turn (6 real seconds time) which would be impossible in the classic mode. The dex impairment does not really matter compared to the bonuses you get from min-maxing stats. If the developers made this with the intent to differ the playstyle of turnbased mode to make the game fresh then it's all good. But if the turnbased mode was intended to slow the pace of the game to make more tactical decision whilst not verging away from the classic mode's real time mechanics, changes are necessary. Sorry for the long post but it is what it is.
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