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  1. Hi, Just wanted to share some concerns I've been having since the teaser trailer and up to today. Due to my personality, I naturally play my RPG's as a solo wanderer first, then on my secondary plays I explore the more social/ off-the-beaten-path experiences. This is what I love about RPG's. I can play the game naturally, then explore other options as I'm role-playing a person unlike me. The issue I'm concerned with is the lone wolf experience. Since the first trailer, I immediately disliked Ellie. Just something about her I don't like. Let's just chalk it up as a clash of personalities. But even in the gameplay trailer, her appearance was too prevalent for me. At that point, I'm even more worried about the Lone-wolf experience by now. Then I saw some quotes today: "While it's perfectly okay to play the game as a lone wolf with companions at your side, bringing party members to a challenging encounter can turn the tide." This just feels as if Obsidian is saying: "The game is meant to be played with a crew, but if you want to solo, well I guess that's on you". I hope my suspension is wrong and solo players are recognized. Thank you for reading.
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