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  1. No I haven't. Is it recommended that I do so?Ok, I've sent them the email, still waiting for reply... Thanks for suggesting!
  2. I tried pass the same legendary difficulty again, but I still do not get the card reward (though it seemed to be good for coin mill) Anyway it looked like a bug, so any help would be awesome. Btw, Happy Lunar New Year!
  3. I was playing on my IPAD 5th gen with ios 12.0 today. And after I finished the legendary difficulty of the first scenario of A Fighter's Tale, I did received coin rewards, but not the card reward. A tick was shown on the scenario choosing screen, but when I click the skull and check the coin reward, it showed that I can still get the 1250 coin (not a usual "scenario previously completed") as if I did not finish this difficulty. Does this mean I will never get the unique card for this scenario? I am currently working to pass this scenario again to see if I can get the card. I am still hoping s
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