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  1. They'll probably do tiered pricing with some bonus features for some extra cash. Maybe $45 for the base game, $60 for a digital deluxe, etc. For $70, Obsidian will mail you a can of Folger's with a Spacer's Choice Logo taped over the front.
  2. I also prefer a pretty spartan life. (My kids, on the other hand...) But I do get nostalgic for the old days of PC gaming. Opening that Ultima VII box, studying the Compendium and the cloth map of Britannia... If this came with a sweet star chart or a solid Settler's Reference Manual, etc. I'd be interested. If it's just some plastic model...pass. From a digital perspective, a good soundtrack is always nice. A phone app that actually did something in-game would be pretty cool. Imagine you could play Fallout: NV but your Pip-Boy could be on your phone while you played. Or in a St
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