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  1. In temple of revelation I have only 2 imps, Llengrath and Tayn. As far as I know there should be more mages, Bekarna at least. I have found her grimoire but she is not there... Worth to mention that DLC did not triggered for me. I had only one earthquake but Llengrath did not visited me on her Dragon. Don't know what to do
  2. Hey, I was fighting with Jageferlas the Ancient and while I finally bit her at second atempt, I could not penetrate her armor with most of my attacks. She was invincible ( insensitivity, resist? sorry english is not my native lang ) most of my weapons (even legendary) and most dmg was dealt by Maia and spells. Don't remember now but it looks like only piercing dmg could harm her? I can't find anywhere information about what kind of ressists she have. I've moved on so I can't check what kind of weapon could do any damage to her. My question is: How to lower enemy armor rating so I can start doing some dmg in those very difficult fights? Are there any spells which can help me? How to lower enemy armor rating efficiently?
  3. Unfortunatly I decided for medation in quest Family Pride so no armor as a reward for me . I've did some changes to Maia and now well. I'm impressed . I think she will only get better now. I think I will replace Aloth with Tekehu. Xoti has some useful spells and I think she adds a lot to Eothas plot. Will see if Tekehu is better than Aloth (and I do not like Aloth really anyway...) I still need to get better armors. Can't get Devil of Caroc but I have found some useful ones on website so I will try to get them. Can't understand one thing though. I gave legendary flail to Eder (+4 pen) which replaced fine hammer (+2 pen) and his penetration in stats was still the same for 2nd hand. As far as I remember, his proficiency with flails is the same but of course I would need to check that. Does weapon proficiency affect penetration?
  4. I think I've killed everyone at Crookspur because I've decided to free all the slaves. Maybe I need to get back there and check if merchant have anything interesting to sell. I think "bad" armors are my biggest problem right now. I need to look for something to buy because I have 200k and more in gear which was not sold yet... Question about Maia Rua - how to make her good dmg dealer? I have only 2 characters which fight in close combat but I feel that Maia dmg is lackluster. Not sure how make her great.
  5. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here so I will just say Hello again . I have to say that after 3.0 (4.0 now) I'm struggling with some fight and I feel that enemy hits like trucks and some fight became really difficult despite my party is lvl 14/15. I'm playing on Hard difficulty with lvl scalling up. I have not done any DLC yet (planned to do them after Meeting with Eothas and killing Nemnok). My Setup: 1. Paladin Inquisitor (me, Kind Wayfarer + Cipher) 2. Eder (fighter) 3. Maia Rua( Ranger) (I'm feeling like she is not doing any dps, even with good bows/guns, maybe I can replace her) 4. Xoti (Priest, not multiclassed) 5. Aloth (wizard, not multiclassed) Almost all weapons have +2 pen (I can upgrade 2 weapons to legendary) but I think most of my armors are basic one (have not found anything special yet). I should go for meeting with Eothas now and maybe get Magran's Favor to boost my paladin DPS. I have like 200k gold so I can but stuff/upgrade but if I will wear heavier armor then my AS will get slower. I tried Kraken and he just destroyed me(particulary his maces, their speed is crazy and range dmg was really high). I feel it will be the same with Nemnok but I could try. I just feel that I made stupid decision not mutliclassing Eder and Maia. I feel that I could replace Maia with Serafen(more dmg) or Tekehu(for dmg and healing). Any advise how can I make my party composition better? I think I made Serafen pure barb (mistake again?). I will really appreciate any advices.
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