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  1. Hi Ethics Gradient, Thx for your response. I would have never figured that out! Indeed it seems Citrix bugged it somehow. Weird that Citrix can do that. I mean an antivirus programme blocking it i can understand. But citrix?! Anyhow the issue has been resolved. I uninstalled citrix and can now play again. Again thanks!
  2. Description: Game doesnt launch. No menu, no sounds, no black screen. I immediatly get a crash report. I've played PoE for 193 hours with no issue and finished the game. today i downloaded the game again to play the DLC's however the game wont even start. Hope someone can help. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: I tried to start from steam. Things i've tried: -I've verified all files. -I've restarted my PC. -I've updated my drives. -Tried to run it from folder Important Files: I can upload the output log, but am not permitted to upload crash.dmp and error.log? Hope so
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