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  1. I tought you can prebuff at the Throne...if you don't reload, sooner or later you'll end up in "the dark", where memory of the game gets fuzzy. Part of the challenge I guess. And yes, even when playing fully vanilla for 24-hour challenge, I had Ascension. For me it's like a core part of the game, a closure, what ToB should have been in the first place. I hate level scaling enemies. I tought Deadfire doesn't give XP for creatures after 100% encyclopedia value anyway.? I don't feel that in RPGs as open as Deadfire devs must guess anything. Sure, you can go fight Nemnok at level 5 to ge
  2. No, I didn't. Well, once, but game crashed (had to reload) and one of my party members was chunked beforehand and I doubt I could have done it w/o him, so I can't count it as valid. I did have the final battle (succesfull, after the reload) on Youtube, but it's gone for some reason. I did roll a vanilla setup once for Grond0's "24-hour challenge"; I was certain I'd beat it - got up to Abazigal, died to Maze. (was a solo). My runs usually ended it late SoA part. Longest run, Cavalier PC, up to ToB Mellisan, where I forgot to prebuff (hadn't come that far in ages). Wiped in several rounds - Bo
  3. BG2 is easy, once you know it (hell, you can grab Staff of Magi with a bit of metagaming as first weapon in the game and waltz through the game invisible, if that's ur game). Deadfire is easy even if you don't know it, that's my whole point. Believe it or not; I don't play cRPGs other than BG. Deadfire is the only one I could "get into", hence the post, since it really impressed me. Seeing Port Maje for the first time?! I felt like I was 16 again, exploring freakin Beregost! No RPG I played had this effect on me after BG. Hated Dragon Age, hated Witcher, hated Divinity:OS, hated everything F
  4. u can win every fight in that series by pre-buffing and auto-attacking everything to death. in BG1 u just give everyone bows. in BG2, u get keldorn to cast dispel magic occasionally. like, i cant dispute there are builds that can solo the game with minimal input. there are peeps here that spend all their time trying to develop such, but i think its fair to say most of these strats arent immediately obvious to us normal saps. Im unsure why u highlight the examples u do. The ciphers in sss can be dealt with using normal anti-caster strats + aegis of loyalty + intellect resistance. Theyre
  5. Is it now? K. Next time I'll play blindfolded as well. In all honesty, after level 18 I think I probably could. Developers should probably add this options under "normal difficulty" settings then. When a player with almost zero knowledge about game mechanics (that being me, it's hard to get used to MIGHT not being equivalent to STRENGHT after 2 decades of BG2) finishes the game with virtually no deaths, no reloads, no magic spells, no food buffs - on (what is supposed to be) hardest mode, with virtually no manual imput on game's final battles (not talking Dorudugan here) I'd say game diffic
  6. Well. Being that PoEII is the second game I played and write feedback for, that alone says that I am (was, at least) quite impressed by this game Good stuff: - graphics are outright the best I've seen in isometric RPGs. I love BG style, hate 3D with all my heart and the moment I saw the first village in PoEII I was "wow-ed". Brilliant. Feels alive, looks great, made me fell in love with this game outright. - character creation. Not only classes, but multis. And more - kits! Great diversity, great options. - NPCs. Fully voiced (very important to me), interesting, diverse. - overall feel of
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