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  1. Thank you all for the helpful advice. I made it through! Indeed! I have to admit I was stuck to a "completionist" mentality of killing everything on the way. I managed to clear both areas with the above advice. There was a rather difficult, but enjoyable fight in the excavation dungeon that would have been difficult to sneak past. The difficulty does seems to drop slightly after Port Maje. I guess as the talents and gear build up the curve will smooth out. I am grateful for an overall more difficult POTD, as long as there is a way forward. I have watched quite a few of the pr
  2. Before I sound like a complete nub, I have completed pretty much all pre DLC content on classic difficulty and have to say the game is outstanding. That being said, I found 90% of the fights too easy. The only enjoyable difficulty comes from 3-4 level higher opponents. So, having spent the holidays reading guides and theory crafting, I decided to give POTD a shot, with extensive Bereth blessings and Upscale (All)... I am utterly destroyed after Port Maje - Restoring Order or the excavation is proving impossible for my (Votary)/Eder/Xoti to progress. Has POTD been MASSIVELY re-adjus
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