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  1. That was exactly my problem, Game Center was disabled in the iPhone settings! Now I have a big working "Store" button on the main screen. I guess you can consider the initial post a bug report, the "Store" button is not hidden everywhere when Game Center is disabled (on the map for example, and I think also on the character selection screen). When the button is hidden, having a notification somewhere that the Game Center must be enabled for DLC would probably be a useful hint Thanks for your help!
  2. Started playing Pathfinder Adventures on iOS, done with the first 3 missions, but then I can't seem to be able to buy the rest of the game. On the world map, I click on the 'Burnt Offering" lock, which has a 'Store' button. But then clicking on that button has no effect, Is that expected? How would I get access to the DLC from iOS?
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