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  1. Because Berserkers hit & crit bonus is for melee - and the self hp dot while frenzied is very unwanted on my 8 con ranged character. The bonus pen would be nice ofc... but confused + selfdot = No thanks, for me atleast.
  2. Thanks! Too bad with Blood thirst, but nice the other two work. Guess ill find out the hard way regarding Bloody slaugther. So far i have taken 4 points from might and put into dex & int instead in a 2 and 2 ratio. Might have to discard my toothy chubby buddy for the bear instead - hopefully, it will make a little difference. That, or im guessing ill have to use an adventurer as a sidekick at some point for tanking purpose.
  3. Hello everyone 80+ hours in game - and probably 50 hours spend in character creation and theory crafting ( Loving it ) My current idea is to make an arbalast wielding savage build that perhaps will be able to solo veteran+ ( Perhaps with a wingman/wingwoman ) Class : Savage ( Barbarian, no subclass / Ranger Sharpshooter ) Barbarian for action speed, crit, coolness factor and rp. Sharpshooter for accuracy, and ranged focus of the build in general. And again rp. ( roleplay ) Race : Nature Godlike ( Looks & rp reasons mainly ) Pet : Boar ( Im aware Bear is the most st
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