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  1. Alright, I just finished the game, over 70 hours of gameplay. Yet, I don't know, I have this feeling of, empty in my belly. Really enjoyed the playthrough, the random companion chitchats, and every single part of the game. It really is one of the best games I've played in a lot of time, but like I said before, i feel kind of empty or dissapointed from some stuff. So here is a List of the things I think that if improved in game, this game could become an incredible piece of an RPG to be enjoyed by the future generations. Because as it is RN, Its good, but. I dont think it will have a space in my heart such as other incredible RPG's. Game -Chatting with an npc sometimes makes your companions staying away and thus, not getting their stat boosts for conversations, even tho they participate in the conversation. -Stealth is rlly clumsy. -Optimization with particles and effects. -Feeling alone in a sea FULL of pirates(?. I got this feeling, that sometimes sea traveling is really straight in a game supposed to be played around the sea. I mean, music from crew singing is cool. But I got to a part in the game that all the ships would completely ignore me. Also, I could do 5-6 trips from isle to isle with nothing happening. It would be Lovely to have more sea events, and a LOT more crew events and interactions, in 70 hours i could barely get 4 crew events lul. Companions Ok this is super important, even tho each companion has its side-quest, conversation,etc,etc. It left me really really REALLY sad that there is no deep development on the companions, I mean, yes, depending on your actions you get endings for each one... But still, this is a huge suggestion that I think all players think in the same way as I do, the lack of conversation is just depressing, I managed to get Eder and Xoti reputations to max in the first 5 hours of gameplay, I took my time to do their quests, but after that. Nothing, even I managed to have a relation with Xoti, i got nothing, no interactions no special conversations, no nothing. I have to read the same conversations 65 hours just to keep my mind busy and hoping I would unlock something else. But sadly, I didnt, that was all. Adding at least a level 3 reputation, with a level 4 being like a blessing for role-players. And more intuitive and huge companion conversations would be incredible, conversations with most companions are really simple tbh It feels like interacting with WoW npc for a "King's Honor, friend". More quests, more interactions. Not asking maia about her bird over and over... ENDINGS: Ok, so this was the most depressing part of the WHOLE game, after such a long gameplay I was expecting more, this left me completely depressed. Alone, at 3am, wanting to know more about my companions. Expecting an ending scene with the romanced companion, some "[insert companion name] and the watcher travel back home on a long journey, adventures await them". I know that an open window was left for future games, or something similar. But still, all endings are too unrewarding for everything I did. Got nothing from the Watcher dispositions, no "The watcher will be remembered from its kind and wise words" or "The watcher is to be remembered in deadfire, as a strong simbol of cruelty, yet, he/she/it was a hero". I still live with the dream of seeing Xoti and the watcher leave deadfire in the ship, watching each other and after some "Xoti and the watcher forged such a wonderful bond, that they left, to build a future together" and a banishing and the credits <3. Or any other thing that would leave me crying from happiness xd. I know it is really impossible that they would change some things like that in the game, but dreams never die folks. That and some more stuff I got in my are things I would change/add to PoE2. If they wish their game to be kept in our hearts such as masterpieces like baldur gate, NWN, divinity, Mass Affect. Would be awesome to read what everyone else think, thanks! and have a good day
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