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  1. Mhm, but do you enjoy baking? You don’t have to be good at something in order to still enjoy the experience. But I admit I made a mistake. 77 000 backers apparently enjoy it and I wasn’t one and that GoG sale made me temporarily forget why. I remember now.
  2. Ok, none of my previous comments have been approved yet, so I don't know if I'm shouting into the void or not, but I just wanted to say that it's time for me to stop playing and uninstall the game. I set it to "story only", just to see what happens, and I discoverd a massive temple that came up beneath a village and NOBODY CARED! I tried to talk to the inkeeper about it, but the only dialogue options were related to finding the daughter whom I already had freed in the temple. I then didn't get any good options with the nobleman in the inn either so I killed him where he stood for what he d
  3. Ok, so I actually managed to win that bar ambush after about 5 tries. Then I found another ambush in Heritage Hill (top right corner), load, backtrack. Then I found another ambush in an ogre cave (insane amount of spiders), load, backtrack. This game is a bloody backtrack-fest in order to find the correct path that doesn't get you instantly killed. What a joke any blind iron man playthrough would be in this game. Old school does not equal lazy game balancing, imo.
  4. Oh, wow. Ok, so I bloody left the last door, and the game tells me there's a message at the keep. So I go there, and I'm supposed to meet the chancellour in a bar. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENS???? ANOTHER DAMN AMBUSH! What is it with this game and it's cheap tactics to trap the player and force them to reload and then go and grind? I've never seen something so stupid.
  5. Am I seriously the first to react to this? My bloody weakest healer is in front and instantly dies.
  6. I want to see a book where the hero goes right up to the place he's supposed to go, but then suddenly turns around and goes straight out to whack a few random orcs over the head until he feels he is stronger. Really stupid, imo. I've played CRPGs for 30+ years and maybe I'm getting old and fuzzy, but I only know of grinding in MMOs and JRPGs.
  7. Ok, I'm even more pissed now, actually. I wanted to set the difficulty down for that encounter, but when I try it says that it only works for maps I haven't visited yet. I don't have a save from before I entered that map! And I tried the battle a few more times. Not only are the big glowy guys super tough, there's spellcasters and someone who turns into a big demon in addition to the trash mobs (who still hit very hard). Why would I have expected that from a sanitarium inside a city? The trolls in that previous dungeon were nothing compared to this, because they came alone. This is
  8. I guess what I reacted badly too was the game actually locking you inside and ambushing you. Maybe the goldbox series of games did that (I don't remember), but the Ultimas certainly never did, and I do believe you can even flee from the 99 barbarians in Bard's Tale. I mean, if I could have actually looked at those glowing guys in the corridors and analyzed their stats, I would have gotten a clue that I shouldn't be there yet, but I don't think you can do that? A spell I missed perhaps?
  9. I got to the stronghold, and I was told a wizard is under siege and needs urgent help. I go there, and it's almost one hit kills on all of my guys. So I continue the main quest and take part in some ritual in the sewers of the first large city. Quest then tells me to go to the sanitarium, where I get ambushed in the north ward again, by things that just steamrolls all of my people. The wizard thing, ok, you could escape from that, but the ward ambush has no warning, no escape. Imo, that's bad game design. Now I just have to re-load and walk straight out of there and try to level so
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