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  1. Hi. i have now been through Peragus; Telos; Nar Shadaa and am now on Dxun. Please.....when will Bao Dur make my lightsabre? I have all the bits. I have however, used KSE to give me all the inventory including lightsabres. Has this scuppered my chance for BD to make one for me? Atton is now Jedi and he is using KSE'd lightsabres. Even tho' I have these sabres, i have never had my exile use them. Please help me. I want this official dang lightsabre.
  2. Hi. I had the cutscene where Atton says have to go back to the Hawk but it came at the same time as a confrontation and fight scene and now I don't know if Atton's scene will trigger again or not. Because of the way i saved the game if it doesn't trigger again I'll have to start Nar Shaddaa all over again. Again. Any ideas?
  3. I have something of this problem as well. As soon as my exile uses the special attack mode such as flurry or active etc he freezes and i have to use Atton. Again, tho my game also just closes down with no warning. I have no mods.
  4. Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I'm stuck on Peragus with HK-50. Every time I try to leave the mining area I have to head to the fuel depot door or turbolift. As soon as the load is done i'm faced with HK-50 in a small room with no doors except the turbo lift which is now inaccessible. I go through all conversation options with him and nothing changes. I cannot get out. Does anyone know if there are bugs when using KSE? thanks for any help.
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