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  1. Thanks for the reply. I did manage to fix the issue by verifying the integrity of the game's files; two files had been corrupted and were redownloaded, and that fixed the issue. I suspect that those files weren't downloaded properly when the patch was downloaded.
  2. Are the specs on your third machine noticeably different from the specs on your other two?
  3. When the new patch dropped, I began a new game, and there are two bugs with textures. In the top two ones, you can see Eder and the Watcher I cooked up have ghostly looking bodies in the inventory screen, and in the bottom screenshot, there do not appear to be any textures on the torsos of the clothing Eder and the Watcher are wearing. Unfortunately, I can't attach my save file, presumably due to how infrequently I post here. I did, however, manage to attach the output log to this post, as well as my system specs. EDIT: I've narrowed it down slightly;
  4. Shanties would likely be a free DLC like the Rum Runners Pack and that Critical Role thing. If more shanties get added, adaptations of some of Stan Rogers' stuff would be cool. and in particular would work nicely. Barrett's Privateers already has a shoutout in the description of Lord Darryn's Voulge, so those could be used as lyrics for a shanty. Northwest Passage could easily be turned into a song about exploring The Living Lands or The White That Wends.
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