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  1. Oh ok I got it, you have to create a new game with a new Valeros and then there will be a Collections tab, and then you can put your reward card to the stash for your old Valeros to use - damn this is stupid - but thanks for the help mate.
  2. I tried it with a new Valeros, but I don't see any Valeros tab. Where should it be? Next to the Unclaimed tab?
  3. I meant the Fighter's Tale rewards, those are loot cards which don't show up in other adventures.
  4. After hours of trying I completed the 'Haunting Past' on legendary yesterday, and I saw the Farmer's Daughter card flashing on the victory screen, but after it I couldn't find it anywhere. I e-mailed the support, now I'm waiting for the answer. Does this mean, that I have to do this process at the end of all scenarios - e-mailing the support to get me the rewards manually?
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