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  1. thanks all- they weren't immobilized because I could still move them-- they must have been blocked- it was just funny because of what they said and the enemies we were facing - seemed about right. Another question- is there a counter to Arcane Damper besides waiting it out or suppress afflictions-
  2. Has anyone experienced companions saying "no" to moving in certain areas during combat? I had this happen during the katrenn bounty and wondered is it just technical i.e. they didn't have space to move there ( which it didn't seem like that) or some type of enemy spell or aura or was some type of morale check? and they didn't want to move because I was getting smashed by the enemies. And I mean multiple companions actually spoke out and say "No" to moving certain areas during combat and It wouldn't let me move them forward but I could move them backwards. It was kinda of cool (and kinda frustrating) as it seems they may have minds of their own but I more likely thought it was technical. I googled and could find anything on this topic.
  3. In POE 2 are the effects of afflictions no longer listed in the combat log after the additional effects section? I just finished POE 1 and every effect was listed in the combat log- so for example- if I dazed someone- I could look it up in the combat log and it showed exactly what dazed did to the character when you moused over the (additional effects entry)- this was extremely helpful as after tons of time in game( 300+)- I found myself still looking up what prone or sickened did? I just started POE 2 and noticed that it does not say what effect the affliction has in the combat log- it just says additional effect is and then the time --for example is says frightened for 18.8 secs but not specifically what the effect of frightened does to the attributes or speed as it did in POE1-- I have to imagine this is a user error on my end as I understood the combat log in POE 2 was supposed to be more revealing and I wouldn't think they would remove this- Am I missing something-- is the a toggle or UI change that I need to do to see what specifically the effects of the afflictions are? or is there another place to go beside looking up each effect? Any thoughts/guidance are appreciated. Also -I plan on doing a single class DPS fighter with devoted subclass- with two handed greatsword. I like this from a role playing perspective but I'm worried about unintended consequences- so for most of POE 1 I used a great sword except at the end when I got the hammer-- anyone see any problems with devoted subclass fighter with greatsword on POTD in POE 2?
  4. thanks- No worries- POE is so freaking awesome - that if the only bug I incur is being super powered for a while.. I can live with that. I guess that is why I kinda of played in the first place....lol -- I thought it might be one of the benefits of the gods or burial isle as I went there early and had what looked like little souls attach to me but that doesn't appear to be the case either. I did notice it says "immunity to stuck" three times on PC character sheet and something about Dry Rot- but I can't see anything in gear or abilities that does this- but regardless, I'm good..
  5. Yes - thank you for the reply - I see the graze in combat bar and it shows status down to half from original but then in parentheses next to it shows it cut in half again for PC and Edér or sometimes for grazes it does not show any time effect at all depending on type of status inflicted - So if original is 9.0 seconds a graze will cut it down to 4.5 and in parentheses next to entry it will show 1.5 or1.6 for PC and most of the time Edér has something like this also
  6. Hi All, New to the forum- never posted before. Not sure if this is appropriate place for questions but I've search for a while and could not find anything. I'm in act 3 of POE I and both my main character fighter level 16 and Eder lvl 16 are having any status effects cut in half or significantly reduced? Initially I thought it was gear but then I tested with my Rogue and mage shooting them or casting the snow fireball with out any gear and I also noticed in another battle- nothing lasts its appropriate amount of time- if it is a crit for a status like ( sickened, weakened, stunned, paralyze, blind, hobble) the duration is cut in half or if it is a hit, it is either cut in half or reduced by 3 seconds from 4.5 to 1.5- if it is graze there are no effects at all. My whole party had the the plague of insects and in the combat screen it showed all hits and all of them showed sickened for 20 or 30 seconds except Eder and PC-- I also tested this used the mind grubs - my entire party gets sickened for 200 secs or whatever the normal time is but my PC is only sickened for 1.5 seconds and Eder is only Sickened for 10 seconds. So my question is - is this normal for high level fighters or due to some attribute or combination of attributes and skills, neither of them have Triggered Immunity they do have high might, Con, dex and survival and athletics and the only gear is the Orlan's bramble ring and the Wayfarer hide armor - both says it only adds to defense not reducing duration and it only affects Hobbled, Stun, Paralyze not sickened or weakened or blinded.. I'm pretty close to the end but I thoroughly enjoy the combat , I'm doing POTD with high leveling scaling and things are pretty easy regardless of this but this is kinda ruining immersion as I think it may be an error. If not that would be great to know, if it is an error are there any known fixes-
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