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  1. Hello, I am playing on mac and seem to have encountered a bug with Gogmurt on approach to Thistletop. For some reason, Gogmurt is behaving as if he has the abilities of Bruthazmus in addition to his own (ie. "Encounter Bruthzamus twice. Bruthzamus is defeated or undefeated based solely on the second encounter") Basically, I have to defeat Gogmurt twice in one go (and he deals 1d4-1 fire damage twice as well). If I only defeat him the first time, he just gets shuffled back into the location deck upon loosing the second time. I have not actually encountered Bruthzamus yet on this scenario, so it is also possible that something weird is going on with his card as well (ie. he was replaced by a hybrid of Gogmurt and himself) Wunderforce **NOT A BUG, I did not notice that the card required two checks to defeat (as this is the first two check boss of the game). Couldn't figure out how to delete a post, so if the mods see this please delete***
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