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  1. still on 1.3. I forfeited, quit the game, restarted the game, hit "start" instead of continue and reselected my campaign. First round of 1.3, got to Merisielle, who is at Old Beach. The first time she failed, she has ALSO experienced the glassworks effect. This Meri has NEVER been to glassworks, no one is at glassworks. This is ridiculous. Please fix your game.
  2. Android S10. Party in order is Seoni, Lini, Valeros, Merisielle, Ezran. Scenario 1.3 Seoni died in the glassworks. Forefeited game and restarted. Sent Seoni to the Waterfront. She failed her first check, and the glassworks "discard top card of your deck if you fail a check" effect happened. Next round (after Seoni's next turn) moved Lini over to the Waterfront to heal Seoni. Lini failed to recharge Cure, and the glassworks effect happened to her too. This game is frustrating enough without getting penalized more than I need to, especially at such low levels. I would also like to report some other, vaguer bugs that I've experienced on my S10. Several times healing did not actually recharge any cards (there were definitely cards in the discard pile). This happened with Staff of Healing and the Cure spell. I don't remember what scenario this was but my team was Seoni, the Monk, Ezran, Kyra, and the Paladin (Seelah?). It happened at least 3 times. Twice now I have been forced to re-attempt a recharge a card, as if the first check never happened. This was not a location or other card effect, just a bug, but I can't be more specific than that. I have uninstalled pathfinder, then reinstalled it, but bugs are still happening. I have experienced the Glassworks bug and the healing bug once since the reinstall. There seems to be something in the S10 that this game does not agree with.
  3. Thanks, I hadn't known of the Vault trip trick, I will have to try it. I did quit the game several times, to no avail.
  4. Ok another bug. I have defeated my first villain in Thassilonian Sins, after which everyone at the location can move to another location. There were 3 characters at the location. I moved only 1 to another location; the other 2 characters I left in that location (there is another villain there). Now, the game is stuck. I cannot recharge my weapon (I beat it as Valeros), and every character, even the character I did not move, is asking me to "confirm my action", but there is no button to click for confirm. My party is Lini, Seoni, Valeros, and Meriseil. Only 2 locations were open: Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony (where we beat the villain), and the location with the flashing staff (can't open anything to see its name). Seoni was at the staff location. Valeros beat the villain at the Crypts. Now I am stuck.
  5. Ermehgerd I must have fat-finger clicked that thing a thousand times, each time it kept popping up my deck. But yes, with careful tapping, the backpack does indeed pop up my charms. Thank you so much!!
  6. Lini can't use her animal companion power for either the wisdom check or the actual combat. Specifically, this was on the "Black Tower" fight in "Fortress of the Stone Giants".
  7. So I picked up a couple of "holy candle" type charms, but I can't for the life of me find the button to use them. Can anyone help?
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