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  1. True, I agree that an additional quest would be a cleaner way to handle it - but that would require them adding a non-trivial amount of new content, which I don't think is going to happen. A single additional ending card for the situation "got her revenge and also her body was upgraded with Durgan Steel" is... still extremely unlikely, but is in the category of stuff that is even faintly in the realm of possibility.
  2. Oh I agree - the condition would be "stated bloodlust and upgraded her" - if she doesn't have her bloodlust sated, she gets into that trouble no matter what - but if she goes on her walkabout, it should matter if she rusts or not.
  3. Right now, the Devil of Caroc has two endings, depending on whether or not you finish her revenge quest. I think there should be a third option - if you complete the revenge quest but upgraded the permanently-equipped breastplate (her body) with Durgan Steel. Since in her "good" ending, she starts to rust, and eventually walks into the ocean, if you upgraded her with legendary metal, it doesn't seem to me like she should rust like that. I think there should be an additional ending card for if her body was infused with Durgan Steel. Anyone else agree?
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