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  1. I think it is still connected to google play each time. Every time I open the app the the name Firebolt98#3477 is in the top left corner with the [Connect With Asmodee.net] button underneath, if I click on that button and sign in the name changes to Firebolt#1091. If I don't sign in to asmodee each time it doesn't show that the account is linked to anything, but when I sign in it shows that it is linked to steam. Firebolt98 was my old username on the same account, Im not sure if its part of the same problem that it doesn't display my current username.
  2. I have to re-login to the android app each time I open it. Im not sure if that is how it is supposed to be, but either way each time I log in I lose all progress. The continue button is greyed out and it shows no existing characters, parties, or adventures. I originally had the game on steam and later linked the android account if that matters.
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