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  1. Hi ! Unfortunately I have no another save Sorry for that i used only the Quick-save.
  2. HI jlee ! Ok thank you ! Yes i can leave the city on foot but i can't leave the island of Neketaka, because i can't take my ship.
  3. Hello, In act III, after i killed the Queen's brother for the Royal Deadfire Company, they give me the submarine. But i can't leave the island of Neketaka because the port is still inaccessible. https://ibb.co/bFPGqe On the worldmap my boat is again localised on the Volcano. https://ibb.co/npf6qe Thank you for your help, Save : https://wetransfer.com/downloads/15db0fd922cc7e39edfe6a0668683b4920180804205045/ccc3da82357b2c4090a6ad6fab4f85cd20180804205045/f8b5af
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