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  1. Platform: PC (Windows 10) User: Yngve-Frej #6503 Scenario: Drunken Brawl Difficulty: Normal Party: Valeros, Amiri, Sajan, Kyra Had this happen three times now, and at first I thought that it was just another way for the game to try to ruin my day. :D Anyway, failing to defeat The Muscle in an area with two characters. When they roll to save against being moved the first character fails, and is moved. But Amiri, being the awesome wild woman she is, does not deign to move. Then the game gets stuck in "Confirm this action?". Confirming (Enter) does nothing, neither does (S) or (T). It just leaves me there, looking at a bar room, and usually an empty hand of cards. Could it be something with her not having a weapon by then? So when she is not moved, and cannot Recharge a weapon, the code doesn't know what to do?
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