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  1. I was thinking about duration times in TB, and it would seems right now that having 14 int or resolve is optimal, because of rounding down. A way to deal with this, I think, is instead of rounding down when the number is not "full", you could make the decimal places a percentage chance of an extra round. For example: 15 seconds duration spell You have 20 intellect which means an extra 50% duration time. 15x1,5=22,5 seconds In turn based, right now, it would translate to 3 turns. 22,5/6 = 3,75. Instead of being 3 turns, it could have a 75% chance of being 4 turns, and 25% of being 3 I think it would be a simple but fair solution What do you guys think?
  2. So, anyone knows if it is possible to mod the number of days that Eothas challenge give you? I would love to have to manage time as a scarce resource, especially combining the Eothas with the Woedica's challenge, but with time to do side content and DLCS. Thoughts?
  3. you are right. The fact that most nukes from cipher are raw damage is also not very synergic, the bonus penetration from assassinate is wasted. But its still good for building focus with weapons abilities like Dorftek suggested (thunderous report is so good! one handed hit to crit ability works on it too)
  4. Hello, recently i've been running an assassin + wizard. I could make use of the assassinate passive on fireballs and such, and it works reasonably well. Now I am trying to do the same with an assassin + cipher, but im not really sure if the interaction is working well. Using mind wave, only the primary target gain the bonus. Silent scream seems the same. I tested it some more, and i guess it makes sense, its not instantenously aplied to the secondary targets. wow this is just sad, ive thought i had found my build :/ another advantage for wizards over cipher. Anyone can share some insight about this? Thanks Edit: checked amplified wave and shock wave, both dont work at all, because you get out of stealth while casting on the ally detonate only the primary target. Not sure about desintegrate, but its crit seems to only affect duration anyway
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