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  1. I figured it out. It was just the portrait missing (not voice). I noticed that there were male_human_[a-u]_(lg/sm).png and [male_human_[w-y]_(lg|sm).png files, but there were not male_human_v* files in the portraits directory (Contents/MacOS/Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition.app/Contents/Data/art/gui/portraits/player/male) Just added male_human_v_lg.png and male_human_v_sm.png and now my character has portraits. Odd the obsidian dropped a prortrait from the definitive edition.
  2. I originally purchased POE when it was first release on the Mac App Store. I played about 60 hours and bought the definitive edition today from the Mac App Store for the White March Content. I put my save games into the folder where the new definitive version kept them and am able to continue my game, but the player's portrait is missing and just a gray box. The smaller version of the portrait (used in the inventory and lower left of game screen) is gray with a red question mark. There's an eye icon which will bring a little to select a portrait, but there's not way to actually choose a portrait. (see attached images) I've seen other have had this problem, but everything I've see are from user who've purchased POE from Steam and did something with the Steam app to fix it. I've not found anything regarding this from purchase through the Mac App Store
  3. Wish I know this too (actually the opposite. Load times on PS4 are killing me and would rather play on my Mac)
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