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  1. Looks very like, doesn't it? Oh, 500 gold holy candle, you will be long remembered.
  2. Good advice - I gave it a shot, but sadly, no results. I tried to upload some pictures, but I couldn't find how, so I'll have to describe them here: When I load the game, it starts on Amiri, with the Bandit card in the top left. She has the "Recharge 1" text and a cyan border around her cards. If I click Kyra, she also has the "Recharge 1" text (as all the characters do, in fact!), but no cyan border around any of her cards, and neither clicking nor dragging will recharge them. After Amiri recharges a card (I have typically selected a Crowbar, but since I've also tried it with all the other cards in her hand it doesn't matter) she has a bright "undo" button on the left and a greyed-out "proceed" button on the right. Touching the undo button takes her back to the "Recharge 1" screen from before. Touching the proceed button does nothing. After Amiri recharges a card, Kyra has a bright "undo" button on the left and an equally bright "proceed" button on the right. (None of the other four characters have a bright proceed button; they're all greyed out.) Neither touching the undo button nor the proceed button does anything.
  3. Closing a location with Kyra and Amiri present. Closing it required summoning a Bandit. The game required a single recharge (because bandit). The game had defaulted to Kyra as the main there, but I thought Amiri might have a better shot, and tapped her portrait. I recharged one of her cards, at which point the game wouldn’t let me proceed - the green forward button was greyed out. Hitting undo and tapping back to Kyra wouldn’t let her recharge any cards, and Amiri couldn’t proceed past the recharge. I went to the main menu and back, and even restarted the app - nothing changing. I’m on iPhone. Normally I would have just forfeited and grumbled, but I spent 500 gold on a holy candle to get these last few turns and my miserly soul screams not to let that go. Any ideas? Or any way to break into my phone and send things back two turns to before I messed everything up?
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