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  1. Surprise, surprise, I am back. Space battles may seem good but they shouldn't come as a requirement for Kotor III. Many people hated the fights in space in Kotor I, some people sayd that they couldn't complete it because they are handicapped. Others simply wanted to get a drink when they were travelling from one planet to the other to not sit there and await loading times. The space scenes didn't offer anything either, no xp, no loot, nothing. Don't get me wrong, space is part of star wars and without space it the game isn't complete but I think you should be able to do like Kotor II / onderon battle or maybe tell some of your companions to man the turrets so they can take out the fighters, off course you would see a cutscene when your companions take out some fighters.


    I think in a sense, LA has left the KotOR franchise behind, but they haven't.


    What I mean is, well, my Archie senses just tell me that LA isn't interested in continuing the "Revan/Exile/thingy" saga anymore, but, later on down the track, when KotOR III discussions mentioning words such as Revan, the Exile and the True Sith pretty much just die away, LA will announce KotOR III, and at first, we'll all be pretty excited and stuff, only to find out that it's an entirely new story they're doing.


    So to put short, I don't think LA will abandon the KotOR franchise, but I don't think LA is not going to take the cowards way out of answering the currently unanswered questions of TSL. I hope I'm wrong, but hope has always led me to sadness and disappointment in my life, so yeah.


    Yeah, I definately hope you are wrong, on the other hand they might "go canon", you know that I don't like that idea but it might be the other option. Hm, sometimes you can ask yourself what's better, a canon storyline with a LSM Revan / LSF Exile or one in which they are both dead. I hope it will be one where we can customize our Revan / Exile but it might be wishful thinking. The "problem" is that people will still buy the game.


    Has any one read Darth Bane? That could be a good starting point for a new series if LA chooses to. After all, it was written by the author of the KoTOR series.

  2. I think that not only do you add a few new planets, but expand greatly on them, and the places to go, anywhere, like a gta type anywhere. That in itself would add tons of more excitement of exploring.


    Also, why do people want to add so many sith related worlds? From the past two games, the sith worlds seemed kinda empty. Planets like Mustafar and Hoth are way to unihabited to have anything of real interest on it.


    I agree that Corusaunt should be added (with maybe your own speeder to drive around with :) ), and Corellia does sound good to add, and Alderraan as well.

  3. If a KOTOR 3 is made, I hope they don't make your entire group turn into Jedi again like KOTOR 2. I wouldn't even want the option open to them. And unlike KOTOR 1, I'd kind of like it if there weren't even enough Jedi to fill up the extra slots in the party. 3 member cap, only one companion Jedi.


    Because seriously, who uses anything but Jedi in their party? Anyone? Bueller?



    I agree, it did have too many jedi members, and maybe too many party members in general.

  4. Well, I think there should be plenty of side missions and hidden secrets like in the gta series, stuff that is just a bonus.


    As for the droids, I think it would be interesting to have custom options to build one, like choosing one of several different chassis and other appendages.


    The storyline could be between the old republic and the new one, before yoda comes around. Or, pehaps a background build up of the Republic. These are just my ideas anyhow.


    And, it needs more than just 6 or 7 planets, we have the technology to do it on one disc.

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