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  1. Thanks to both of you. None of the cards are in the 'Unclaimed' section ( next to my Stash 10/10 ). It currently has 2 pages worth of items, and the items aren't in either. They do all show up in my 'Collection' section, from the Main Menu. But there are also lots of other cards which I haven't encountered in there too ( though they're really nice and I wouldn't mind having them! ). As to the feat reward ( reads: 'Each character gains a card feat.' ), it is listed as an 'Adventure Reward' directly above Orik's Shield, so it seems like it would be awarded at the same time. Above that, in the same window, is the 'Scenario Reward' which also lists "Each character gains a skill feat'
  2. I've had two (or maybe 3) instances now where a thing wasnt saved to my inventory or I wasnt given a reward I was supposed to have gotten. The first one was a treasure chest. I bought a 6-pack, and opened 5. Later on I realized I still had one, opened it, saw my items, but they were never saved to my unclaimed inventory. Earlier today I completed Burnt Offerings scenario on Legendary, and was going to collect Orik's Shield & character's feat card, but the shield never appeared in my inventory, and I wasn't taken to the screen to assign my new feats. Looking back at it, I realized that I also never got the feat reward from "Perils of the Lost Coast" either. If there is some way for me to get the lost cards / abilities, I would love it.
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