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  1. So I sided with the Huana and blew up the Powderhouse... When I did the dialog at the trial, I lied and implicated the Valians. The Valian Director was thrown into the Gullet. The Hazanui of the RDC sent me a letter after the trial indicating she needed my help. Pallegina is still on my ship... Maia sends me a letter every day or so telling me she quit? I'm not sure this is correct. I would have imagined that Pallegina would leave or at the very least Maia would send a single letter and not 500000.
  2. Una in Serpent's Crown sells it. I believe it recharges periodically as it was gone for quite a while and then reappeared for me.
  3. Just one more addendum. After I finished Mad Morena's quest and she likes me, she still makes me Bluff 7 to leave her presence.
  4. I saw two other posts about the Aeldys/Mad Morena quest line and I have yet another issue. I talked to Mad Morena and bribed her about "business opportunities" before I talked to Aeldys. The dialog seemed weird and it was difficult to navigate, but this has already been mentioned (by the Bluff Check post). The reason I went to talk to her is because other characters seemed to "refer" me to her and my character had some "knowledge" of her to ask about, but I can only remember the conversations vaguely. Here is the first weirdness I can actually prove exists, though. So, in this M
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