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    Hey I was wondering if you could make a watercolour Deadfire style portrait out of the attached image. I know that Yasha from Critical Role was here once before but would appriciate a new looks to my barbarian ;) (originally I found the picture here: https://twitter.com/thealeksdemon/status/956782824006197249).


    Will be grateful :)


    I hope the way I cropped the image is okay. I didn't try, but I think the whole thing might be too small in-game.






    If anyone has the time to help make water colour portraits of this image I would be extremely grateful.


    Is that Hawke from DA2? Sure looks like her (minus the blood). I altered the image a bit so the lower part looks a bit more like the others in the game, though she does look a little naked now. :p




    anyone could help me out with a water colored versions of this portrait? This would be really appreciated 


    Here you go:




    Thank you so much for your hard work, and yes that is a fanart of Hawk from Dragon Age 2 (here is a link to the artist's tumblr: http://pheberoni.tumblr.com/)

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