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  1. Im getting a bit angry about this game. I have 30 fps on 8700K, 16 GB ram and GTX 1060 6 GB. I did already one post before hotfix about same issue still no any usefull answer. Maybe u can explain me how is it even possible to run the Witcher 3 on this machine on ultra with stable 50 fps and this game works so bad. Idk what to do game worked really fine before the release of DLC. I wont change my settings and play on low. Maybe time to try to get my money back? When i buy something and the product is not working properly i always change it or ask for refund. I attach DxDiag and this output file again. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. This is occurring globally i think. Atleast on every new location. When i loaded the game after DLC i was in ship mode. I did not visit any older map just went straight to the new island. I cant really tell something about performance in ship mode but all new locations work really bad. My pc is not that bad is it? I can run the Witcher 3 on full with 50 fps XD. Thank u for your reply and i attach output file from steam. output_log.txt
  3. Hello. Before updating the game to latest version i had between 60-80 fps constantly. Now i sit on 30... Game works fine on the lowest settings. Before this update i played on highest settings and everything worked pretty well. Is this known issue? Im attaching DxDiag file. DxDiag.txt
  4. Hello. Im just wondering about this. I really want to get this hat in order to test one build but i cant get his reputation higher than 1. I already completed his quest and got first gift which is ring or amulet. Do you know what am i supposed to do? Thank you for help!
  5. Really i have no idea what happened. I just minimalized the game in order to watch some videos on yt and when i went back game suddenly crashed. After this im not able to load any previous save files or even continue my campaign. The only option that is aviable to me is starting new game. Im maybe 40 hours into the game and im never gonna start everything from the beginning. Any solutions just excepting unistalling this game?
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