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  1. Ok, so its definitely bugged then. I'll leave him trapped hope the coming patches can fix the quest Thanks guys!
  2. Long time forum lurker here, I have some questions about the Huana Shadows under Nekataka quest. I am trying to do a pro-Huana run and am not sure what to do with the dragon found under the Watershapers Guild. In my other playthroughs I just killed him, however I am unsure how to keep him caged and then continue on the quest. I have tampered with the cage to strengthen it, only doing it once to keep him from attacking, but I am not sure where to go from there? Upon leaving I have talked to the queen but this does not produce any new dialogue or ways to advance, so is there a bug or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated and would help advance the Ekera cause
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