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  1. Thanks, what I took from this is I'm using my priest spells in a nonoptimal order. I've started buffing first, as you said, rather than trying to lay down CC and control the crowd first. It seems to make a difference. I've gotten my latest party through the Temple, killed the bandits with less save-scuming, and opened the way to defiance bay. I made my new main character based on this build and it's super tanky. I still die if I get too surrounded, but not as much. And the enemy AI mostly focuses on my tank now instead of peeling off and going for my wizard or priest.
  2. Hi all, I finished the game in normal difficulty pretty easily and wanted to retry on PotD. I've spent hours looking over these forums, Reddit, steam guides and other places Google has directed me in an effort to figure out how to progress through Path of the Damned. I've just started my third new playthrough attempt. The first attempt, I made a monk designed to be an off-tank and collected Eder, Durance, Aloth and Kana. I got the party level 4. I struggled but eventually killed the bandits in Black Meadow with a LOT of restarting from saves. I couldn't get that group to Defiance Bay, couldn't complete the Temple in Gilded Vale, and generally died a lot. The second attempt, I created a chanter to be a summoner/dps/middle of the party dude. I struggled in all the same places had even more trouble with the bandits and had to lead them into a group of trolls to thin the group before I could kill them. I got this group to the second level of the Temple in Gilded Vale but couldn't get further. Lots and lots of saving and retrying. The third attempt, my current one, I started a DPS cipher using this build and hired five custom companions and used all characters here except the wizard. I'm not far in yet, but I'm still dying and struggling a lot. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Hoping some of you have some advice.
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