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  1. Sorry for double posting. So I searched the Folder: px2_04_eyeless_stronghold The File: px2_04_cv_abydon_finale.conversation , is there and I opened that with standard notepad. I made the adjustments mentioned in the first post, I didn't get the desired Tempered Ending dialog option though. So next I just copied and pasted it from the first post into the file itself, overwriting the original text. I still didn't get the dialog option for Tempered Abydon ending. ​Finally i searched the file for all mentions of this text, "<string>n_abydon_arguments_won</string>". I found like 3 or 4 more entry's of that text in the same file and adjusted all, "<string>1</string>" into "<string>3<string>", that came immediately after or after a, "<string>EqualTo</string>". Still didn't get the desired ending. At this point I began to examine my save files. I deleted a full 2 hrs of game data, by deleting the saves for the latest 2 hours. I turned off and restarted the game and loaded my new most recent save. Then I ran around for a bit, fighting stuff and what have you. Turned in a quest that was related to the Eyeless - current quest line and then saved again. I went back to the File and noted that nothing of the changes I made were at all different. So I don't really understand how the coding works here, but it seems to me like these changes are not really working at all? Also i should note that after i changed all the 1's to 3's that came after "<string>n_abydon_arguments_won</string>" the games Eyeless dialog doesn't actually play. and there is no way to finish the quest. I've reloaded several saves and couldn't get it to work. I then deleted the edited file and placed my original back in, which only had the first posts edit applied to it. I reloaded a save in stalwart, before going to the lake and then was able to complete the quest, but i still didn't get the Tempered Abydon ending dialog option. At this point.. this has kinda become to much work for me, lol. As much as I hate the narrowed options that this DLC's ending gives you I think i'm just going to settle for Abydon restored. Hopefully PoE 2 DF lets me mod my ending before starting a new game?
  2. I just tried this, multiple times and it doesn't seem to work for me.
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