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  1. Hi Everyone, I used to play a lot of PoE type games back circa 2002-2003, Bauldor's Gate, BG II, Icewind Dale, and the link. I'm a big fan of the DnD type games (even if loosely based). I have been following PoE II and decided to pick it up when it was released. I just started my ranger playthrough two nights ago and am loving the feedback from your community during stream. I hope to keep a log here of my playthrough! Come hang out, we don't bight! https://twitch.tv/im_method Typically 10pm EST (8pm PST) until about 2am EST. Sunday through Wednesday. Thanks! 'method
  2. I have had an issue the last two nights where if I am looking at my character review page from my inventory (where it lists all stats in text form) -- every time I scroll down it scrolls up automatically, even if I hold down scroll. I thought it might be a keyboard issue but it is happening with different keyboards. My main keyboard is a Logitech G Pro. Windows 10 steam installation.
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