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  1. I have done a little bit more testing and found out that the bug occurs when you have a hired adventurer equipped Arkemyr's robe. Running into any Imps while your hired adventurer is equipped with Arkemyr's robe will also start a dialogue with them throughout the manor. If I equipped the robe with a companion and talked to any imp there is a topic about Arkemyr's password. The password topic does not appear if I have a hired adventurer equipped with the robe. I don't know if that's what causing the monster in the forge room to go hostile. I can attach a save game file but don't know ho
  2. I don't know about the rest of Eora but the Deadfire Archipelago region feels a lot like Spira from Final Fantasy X to me.
  3. Oh shoot sorry I was playing in iron man mode and over rid the old save file, so I don't have the save file anymore.
  4. I have Arkemyr's robe and can move around freely in his manor during "The Archmage Vault" quest, but there is one room where I can't go and that is the Forge. When ever I enter that room while equipped or not with Arkemyr's robe everything becomes hostile. I don't know if that's a bug or not.
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