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  1. i search for it but didnt see, and i dont change anything in options.
  2. Yes, they die, the portrait of character dissapear, and the quest for the blue orlan for example fails automatically. I start a new game and in the first cave the skeleton lows my hp to 0 (main character) and game over , eder is alive and my main character have no injuries.
  3. Hello I have been playing the game since release date, i preorder it. Since 14 of may when a character of my party goes 0 HP he dies permanently, this is independent of the tipe of atack a xaurip a liche a trap, i try to verify cache, reinstall the game, reinstall windows and the problem persist, this happens me in a new game to, because Of this the game iS UNPLAYABLE. Please give me a solution, Thank you.
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