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  1. If I recall correctly, there is an alarm that can be disarmed with a mechanic check when breaking the wall.
  2. Plus that Wael's sceptre with +3 Illusion PL enchantment I got later, this spell should be so powerful.
  3. Screenshots of two same tier spells Notice Concelhaut's Crushing Doom does not benefit from power level and Farcasting Save file
  4. Looking from tool tip, Concelhaut's Crushing Doom spell is not affected by power level and Farcasting passive ability. I'm will provide screenshot and save file later.
  5. I have the same issue. After I first accepted the quest, I killed most Imps & constructs in the first floor without turning Arkemyr hostile. And now when I returned after completed the quest, there is no Imp in the first floor to tell me to go to the scrying pool and when I went down stair, everything is hostile to me. Save file
  6. During Bekarna's Folly quest, when I finished everything on the observatory and returned to Arkemyr's manor, I cannot find Arkemyr. One thing I think might have caused this is after I first accepted this quest from Arkemyr, I attacked and killed all the automatons and most imps in another room. And when I was out of combat, I went in the study (room) and saw Arkemyr alone and not aggressive so I thought everything is fine and left and that was a long time ago. And there is another bug within this save: Concelhaut's Parasitic Quarterstaff is stuck on Aloth and I can't un-equip it or equip any other weapons or switch weapon. Save file and output_log.txt in a ZIP file
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