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  1. So...I've done a bit of thinking and this is a possible theory I have on what the whole "point" of Deadfire was. This might be an very obvious theory. And I could be totally wrong on this theory, hence why it's just a theory. In essence I'm probably grasping at straws. Let's assume that, throughout the game, you make decisions in the faction quest lines based off of what you think things ought to be like. Once you get to Eothas at the end, he will ALWAYS end up destroying the Wheel. But the big point of the story isn't whether or not the Wheel gets destroyed. The big point is what the
  2. So I'm enjoying the game overall, but reading/hearing some criticisms on the game contributed to a potential realization. Now, disclaimer, I've not finished the game yet. I've done a good chunk of the side content, and finished the main story quest where you escape the volcano. And while I could most definitely be wrong about this, it's something that concerned me enough that I was posting it in a Q and A stream as often as I could (There was a 120 second timer between posts to prevent spam, so it's not like I was just destroying the chat with posts. But I apologize to the devs for continually
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