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  1. wow, that is a strange thing to have in a game. Thank you for your anwser.
  2. So I did take a look at the damage and how it works today and this make no sense to me. How can the dmg be 13.1 ? (The attack is from Paladin Flames of devotion)
  3. Hi, I did continue a save I had on POTD difficulty. I did come to some fights that was marked in Quest log apropiate for my level, still I encounter mobs with 3 red skulls one shotting me. I tried to go to different quest and some was really easy like I was playing on normal, and some fight was impossible, still marked in quest log as appropriate for my level. I wanted to change to a easier difficulty but that was not avalible in the option, was greyed out. So I guessed you can't change POTD. So I started a new game with one step lower on difficulty, this time everything was to easy an
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